Steps To Take If You'Ve Had A Ring Cut Off


There's little doubt that having a ring cut off your finger can be upsetting — especially if it's a ring that holds a special importance to you, such as a wedding ring or an engagement ring. Sometimes, it's necessary for a healthcare professional to cut a ring off. For example, if you injured your finger at work or while playing sports, and it is swelling to a concerning degree, the ring will need to come off to prevent the disruption of the circulation.

16 January 2019

3 Key Factors To Look For When Investing In Diamonds


If you are looking to loose gems as an investment, you may be considering diamonds. The misconception for many people is that all diamonds are created fairly equal. If you have this viewpoint, you may end up buying a diamond and spending too much while not getting much back on your investment. Here are three key factors to look for when investing in diamonds so you are making the most out of your investment dollars.

19 October 2018

The Benefits Of Renting Jewelry


If you have started to hear a little more about jewelry rental services, but have not yet been able to decide if this is something that you could really benefit from, you will want to continue reading. You Don't Have To Worry About Protecting It For The Long Term Not everyone has a need to wear really expensive or flashy jewelry all that often. You might just want some elegant pieces for the big occasions that you want to go out and celebrate.

15 July 2018

Three Factors To Consider When You Need Jewelry Repair


A diamond may be forever, but jewelry, unfortunately, is not. If the clasp on your favorite necklace busts or the prongs that hold the diamond on your engagement ring in place work loose, you don't need to despair. You can take in your jewelry for repairs, but before you take your damaged ring or necklace to  the closest jeweler, there are a few things that you need to be aware of first.

13 July 2017

Contemporary Body Jewelry Trends


Wearing body jewelry is a contemporary fashion statement today. You can find many styles and looks in body jewelry that can complement and highlight your body and add flash and sparkle as you move. Here are some popular body jewelry styles that are currently available at jewelry stores:   Body Armor Jewelry:  Precious and semi-precious metal chains and charms are often used to make body armor jewelry. These pieces drape around your body and frame your shape and contours.

11 April 2017

Make Smart Choices When Investing In Coins


There are plenty of good reasons to make coins a part of your overall investment portfolio. Gold and silver coins have a tendency to increase in value during times when other types of investments decline, so making coins a part of your portfolio can help keep your total investment portfolio stable. Coins are also an investment that you can keep to yourself – no one needs to know that you have them if you don't want them to.

30 December 2015

Getting The Best Jewelry Deals From Pawnshops: 3 Tips To Successfully Negotiating A Good Deal


Most people walk past pawn shops unaware of the goldmine of treasures that have been left forgotten within. If you love jewelry and are always on the lookout for a good deal or bargain, you'd be surprised at what you can find hidden away in the display boxes of pawn shops. Pawn shop jewelry prices are typically half of what you'd pay retail, and the best part is that you can negotiate an even better deal if you know how.

28 December 2015