Contemporary Body Jewelry Trends


Wearing body jewelry is a contemporary fashion statement today. You can find many styles and looks in body jewelry that can complement and highlight your body and add flash and sparkle as you move. Here are some popular body jewelry styles that are currently available at jewelry stores:  

Body Armor Jewelry:  Precious and semi-precious metal chains and charms are often used to make body armor jewelry. These pieces drape around your body and frame your shape and contours. You can wear body armor jewelry on top of a body-hugging dress, jumpsuit, bodysuit, slinky top, or bare skin. Body armor jewelry can be worn on your arms and wrists, shoulders, on the front or back of your torso, and it can also be linked together for a whole body look. For interest and sparkle, you can attach individual metal charms or wire-wrapped crystal beads to your body armor jewelry with jump rings and jewelry clasps. 

Ankle and Leg Armor Jewelry:  Hanging metal chains can bring interest and attention when worn on the ankles and legs. These jewelry pieces wrap completely around the ankles and legs and shine when worn at a concert or dance club. Ankle and leg armor pieces often feature metal and gemstone ornaments that catch the light and shimmer when you move.

Belly Chain Jewelry:  Delicate and chunky chains that completely encircle the waist are another interesting body jewelry trend. You can wear belly chains on top of a dress, or on your bare skin above hip-hugging jeans. Crystal dangles and metal charms that hang from belly chains can add color and dazzle. 

Head Jewelry:  Head jewelry can be worn with both long and/or short hair. Simple head jewelry is available as a metal and gemstone garland that surrounds the head. These designs are also available as one or more chains that encircle the head and have gemstone dangles that hang down across the forehead and hair. You can also wear head jewelry in combination with other jewelry armor pieces on your torso, arms, and waist. 

Piercing Jewelry:  Another popular fashion trend today is body piercing jewelry. Piercing jewelry is available in rings, tunnels, barbells, labrets, spiral twisters, hoops, and hanging tapers. You can wear piercing jewelry on your ear lobe, ear cartilage, eyebrow, nostril, tongue, lip, and navel. Faceted and smooth gemstones are often included in piercing jewelry to add a spark of color and shine. 

When you buy body jewelry, make sure that it fits the shape of your body well and is comfortable to wear when you move. Look for body jewelry with metal and gemstone colors that complement your skin tone and hair color and can be worn with different clothing and other pieces of jewelry. Above all, have fun with whatever style of body jewelry you choose to wear in this contemporary jewelry trend. 

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11 April 2017

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