Steps To Take If You'Ve Had A Ring Cut Off


There's little doubt that having a ring cut off your finger can be upsetting — especially if it's a ring that holds a special importance to you, such as a wedding ring or an engagement ring. Sometimes, it's necessary for a healthcare professional to cut a ring off. For example, if you injured your finger at work or while playing sports, and it is swelling to a concerning degree, the ring will need to come off to prevent the disruption of the circulation. If the finger is already swollen enough that the ring won't slide off, the healthcare professional will need to cut it off. A cut ring doesn't mean it is garbage, though. You can take it to a local jewelry repair service to have it fixed. Here are some steps to take.

Keep All Of The Pieces

Healthcare professionals can take different approaches to cutting rings off patients' fingers. One method is to simply make a small cut and then pry the ring apart, and the other is to make two cuts — which will leave the ring and a small piece of the band. Make sure to collect the small piece, as it will be instrument in helping to put repair the ring. Often, a healthcare professional will give you a small bag or bottle in which to store the ring safely until you're discharged from the hospital or clinic.

Don't Bend It

Depending on what your ring is made from, it may be more bendable than you might expect. For example, while you won't likely be able to bend a titanium ring, you'd be surprised at how malleable a gold ring can be. Don't make the mistake of bending the ring. Doing so can make it more challenging to repair, but can also risk snapping part of it off. For example, if you bend the ring after it has been cut, it could break near where the stone is mounted.

Store It In A Safe Spot

Given that you might be emotionally upset or under the influence of medication when you get home from receiving medical care, try to be cognizant of how you store the ring until you're able to get it repaired. It's easy to forget about it in your coat pocket, but you don't want to risk losing it by leaving it in this location. Find a safe spot in your home to store the broken ring until you're ready to visit a local jewelry store to drop it off for repair.


16 January 2019

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