3 Key Factors To Look For When Investing In Diamonds


If you are looking to loose gems as an investment, you may be considering diamonds. The misconception for many people is that all diamonds are created fairly equal. If you have this viewpoint, you may end up buying a diamond and spending too much while not getting much back on your investment. Here are three key factors to look for when investing in diamonds so you are making the most out of your investment dollars.

Clarity of the Diamonds

The clarity of the diamond is connected to the appearance of the diamond itself and the inclusions or issues with that appearance. Inclusions are marks or issues within the diamond itself. There are several factors that play into what makes the clarity metric and how it is determined. The first is the size of the inclusion. What type of inclusion the diamond has is also considered. For example, if the inclusion is just on the surface, then it may not meet the grading metric at all while an inclusion that goes through the diamond could greatly affect the clarity rating. Other factors that play into the clarity of the diamonds are the amount of inclusions present and if those inclusions are joined or spread through the diamond.

Carat of the Diamonds

The carat of the diamonds refers to the size of the diamond and the weight. The rule of thumb, when you are investing in diamonds, is to go with the lowest color and clarity, while still going with the highest carat size possible. This will give you the best investment for your money. If you happen to have diamonds already, but they are in settings, consider having the diamond removed and weighted to determine the true carat weight of that diamond before it goes into your investment portfolio.

Color of the Diamonds

Many people believe that true diamonds only come in one standard color, which is usually considered clear. The truth is, there are several shades of color to diamonds that will determine the value. Ideally, you are looking for an absence of color in the diamond. The less color that is there the higher the value. For someone who would be buying the diamonds, once you are ready to sell the investment, they would be looking for how clear the diamond appears in a setting. This means no blue, yellow, or even pinkish hues should be present.  

These three key factors will help you narrow down the best diamonds for your investment. If you are ready to get started, contact your local loose gemstone dealer for an appointment. You can choose your loose diamonds, make your purchase, and get your authenticity certificate for each diamond.


19 October 2018

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