Something Old Becomes Something New When You Transform Heirloom Pieces Into Your Engagement Ring


If you have been looking high and low and have been unable to find the perfect engagement ring, you may be looking in the wrong place. Many couples are now creating their engagement rings, as well as their wedding bands, out of recycled gems and gold that they already have on hand. Understanding what types of jewelry can be recycled and the many reasons why this may make sense, may help you to convince your future spouse that this is the way you want to go.

19 December 2015

Presentation Is Key To Sales: Jewelery Display Advice For The Novice Online Seller


It is the perfect season to be turning your amazing gift for making jewelery into a money-making sideline that can bring you in extra cash all through next year. Everyone is on the hunt right now for the perfect Christmas gift, and well-priced jewelery tops the list as both stocking stuffers and main gifts for loved ones. It is estimated that people have an attention span of only eight seconds! If you want to capture that attention and turn it into sales, the presentation of your jewelery needs to pack a punch!

11 December 2015

3 Steps To Choosing And Preparing Items To Obtain A Top-Dollar Collateral Loan For The Holidays


If you need a little or a lot of extra cash to help you get through the expensive holiday season, then you are not alone. Instead of maxing out credit cards that charge you so much interest that you may still be paying off last year's holiday purchases, it can be a much better idea to obtain a collateral loan from a local pawn or jewelry dealer, such as Sol's Jewelry & Loan.

4 December 2015