Three Popular Crawler Earring Designs


If you're shopping for a new pair of earrings and you want to buy something unique, you may wish to consider crawler earrings. Occasionally also known as climbing earrings, this type of jewelry gets its name because it has the appearance of crawling up your ear. Crawler earrings begin at your earlobe but make their way up the helix of your ear. These earrings can be a good alternative to having multiple piercing holes in your ear, as they add a lot of sparkles but only require a single piercing hole in each ear.

22 February 2022

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Gold


When you go to sell gold to a buyer near you, there are a lot of steps that you can take to make sure you get the maximum possible value. After all, now is a historically great time to sell your gold because of record-high prices. If you have never sold gold before, then you might not be fully familiar with all the different ways you can make sure you get the best possible price.

12 November 2021

5 Benefits to Others When You Chose Antique Jewelry


People buy both new and antique jewelry pieces for a myriad of reasons, both personal and financial. But if you're an ethically-minded jewelry buyer, have you thought about the benefits to others when you opt for antique jewelry? If not, here are five things to consider.  1. It's Better for the Environment Buying something used is generally always better for the planet than buying a new item. First, you avoid using an additional set of resources to produce a new product when one already exists.

14 July 2021

Custom Jewelry Ideas With Moonstone


Moonstone is a lovely stone that is often considered the ideal stone for jewelry. In making your own custom jewelry, it can be fun to incorporate moonstone into the mix. Your custom jewelry design specialist can help you put raw or cut moonstone gems into the pieces you create so each unique item of jewelry is just as enjoyable and inspiring as the next. Not sure how to make custom jewelry with moonstone?

12 April 2021

Why The Yellowness Of Yellow Gold Doesn't Always Indicate Value


As you sort through your gold jewelry to find items to sell, the color of the gold may have caught your eye. While there are a few different main colors of gold (e.g., yellow, white, rose), you can see variations within each type of gold. Yellow gold is particularly diverse — for good reason — because the gold content within the item is a main driver for color intensity. However, that doesn't always indicate the value of the item.

22 December 2020

Why You Should Use A Natural Jewelry Cleaning Solution


If you are a proud jewelry owner, you probably want to take care of your jewelry. There are a lot of jewelry cleaning products on the market that you can purchase. However, instead of buying a typical commercial jewelry cleaning solution, you should consider looking for a jewelry cleaning solution that is made out of natural ingredients. If you aren't sure of why it really matters if your jewelry cleaning product is made out of natural ingredients or not, consider these reasons why it does matter.

10 September 2020

Need Money? Two Reasons To Exchange Your Gold Jewelry For Cash


A financial emergency can quickly take the wind out of your sails. You might have been riding high one day, only to walk out to the mailbox and discover a pressing bill that needs to be paid right away. Failing to take care of the debt could have serious repercussions, but if your money is tight, you may not know what to do. Remember that the answer you are looking for could be as close as your bedroom dresser.

14 May 2020