Three Popular Crawler Earring Designs


If you're shopping for a new pair of earrings and you want to buy something unique, you may wish to consider crawler earrings. Occasionally also known as climbing earrings, this type of jewelry gets its name because it has the appearance of crawling up your ear. Crawler earrings begin at your earlobe but make their way up the helix of your ear. These earrings can be a good alternative to having multiple piercing holes in your ear, as they add a lot of sparkles but only require a single piercing hole in each ear. Here are three popular crawler designs to consider.


When you browse the selection of crawler earrings at virtually any jewelry store, you can expect to see a lot of designs that feature one or more forms of vegetation. For example, crawler earrings that depict several small flowers are popular, as are designs that feature vines and leaves. Vegetation-themed crawler jewelry can be made of several different materials, and will commonly use real or synthetic gemstones to create sparkle. If you enjoy wearing jewelry that depicts certain types of plant life, look at several pairs of crawler earrings to find something that resonates with you.


You can also expect to see lots of crawler earrings that feature stars, which can be a fun and lively option for you to wear. In some designs, there will be several different stars that are each the same shape. In others, you'll find a variety of star sizes, which can add visual interest to this type of jewelry. Shiny clear gemstones will add a bright quality to these earrings, making them catch the light and catch peoples' attention — just like real stars.


There are all sorts of pearl earrings for sale at your local jewelry store, including pearl studs, pearl danglers, and pearl clusters. Each of these designs can be appealing, but if you like the general look of crawler earrings and enjoy wearing pearls, you'll want to shop for pearl crawler earrings. They come in several designs, but each features a series of pearls that are attached in a gentle curve. You'll find pearl crawler earrings with pearls in different sizes. If you favor a bold look, larger pearls can be a good choice. For something more dainty, choose small pearls. Visit your local jewelry store to check out these and other crawler earring designs.

To learn more information about different styles of earrings, reach out to a jewelry company near you.


22 February 2022

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