Custom Jewelry Ideas With Moonstone


Moonstone is a lovely stone that is often considered the ideal stone for jewelry. In making your own custom jewelry, it can be fun to incorporate moonstone into the mix. Your custom jewelry design specialist can help you put raw or cut moonstone gems into the pieces you create so each unique item of jewelry is just as enjoyable and inspiring as the next.

Not sure how to make custom jewelry with moonstone? Use this guide to assist you. With a little guidance and some inspiration, you can come up with many ideas for the best moonstone pieces you'll love.

Use crushed stone in a charming way

Crushed moonstone is often used in crafts and for other uses, and you can make custom jewelry out of the stones. You can put crushed moonstone in a vial to wear as a pendant or have these same crushed moonstone pieces placed in a pair of earrings with a sheer overlay for a complete and exquisite look. Moonstones are known for being transparently milky and also very colorful and shiny, making even the crushed stones of this gemstone beautiful and alluring when the light hits just right.

Use raw moonstone to make a simple ring

A custom jewelry piece can be made of entirely two things: a raw piece of moonstone that is uncut, and some jewelry wire in whatever color you wish. Simply have your custom jewelry design completed by a jewelry maker who will measure your finger and sketch out a design prior to completing this fun and custom jewelry project.

Use cut moonstone beads in a bangle

A bangle bracelet is a rigid bracelet meant to be worn loosely on the arm. Have cut and smoothed moonstones placed in a bangle bracelet — or multiple bracelets — for an engaging piece of custom jewelry you can enjoy wearing casually or for more serious occasions.

Use various moonstone pieces in a brooch

Do you want to wear something that is both unique and classic at the same time? Consider making custom jewelry out of many loose moonstone pieces. A brooch can easily be made to suit your style and adds a sense of whimsy and class to any basic outfit. Your custom jewelry design can be inspired by an image or just random colored pieces that appeal to you most.

Moonstone is a very versatile stone that you can use in many different forms. Its colors are lustrous and charming and worthy of any custom jewelry creation.


12 April 2021

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