5 Benefits to Others When You Chose Antique Jewelry


People buy both new and antique jewelry pieces for a myriad of reasons, both personal and financial. But if you're an ethically-minded jewelry buyer, have you thought about the benefits to others when you opt for antique jewelry? If not, here are five things to consider. 

1. It's Better for the Environment

Buying something used is generally always better for the planet than buying a new item. First, you avoid using an additional set of resources to produce a new product when one already exists. But with jewelry, you also prevent additional mining both for gems and for metals — two potentially destructive processes. 

2. It Brings Money to Individuals

Modern jewelry is usually made by larger companies to produce a profit. However, vintage pieces are generally in the hands of individuals and families. When you buy their jewelry instead of newly-produced pieces, more of your money goes into these hands than in corporate pockets. The antique jewelry trend supports personal estates and their heirs as well as people like you who may need a little extra cash. 

3. It Supports Artisans 

Antique jewelry was more often made by hand and by skilled artisans. And whether or not that artist is still around, you support the work of those just like them. When you spend money on unique pieces and items that haven't come from an assembly line, you help continue the trend of individuals crafting jewelry today and supporting themselves.

4. It Preserves History

No matter what era of jewelry appeals to you, your purchase helps protect and preserve that history. Jewelry trends and designs as well as the talents demonstrated are all part of an era's history. It showcases art history and technical skills, and it often comes with its own unique tales of that time period. So, when you buy and pass on an antique item, you are passing on its story too. 

5. It Makes the Recipient Special

A gift-giver who takes the time to find the right antique item for their loved one has gone to extra effort. Rather than buy something everyone else has, they chose items very specifically for the recipient. This makes the gift even more special and tells your loved one how much you care. While a modern ring may tell them you love them, locating the perfect set of vintage pearls from their favorite decade tells them that you really know them. 

Want to know more benefits of purchasing antique jewelry instead of modern versions? Stop by a jeweler in your area who specializes in these pieces today to get started. 


14 July 2021

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