Is It Time For A New Hair Style?


Have you decided that you want a new hairstyle? Do you already know exactly what you want for your new look? If so, you're all set and you don't need to read on. However, you might know that you want to try something new, but you just aren't sure what that is.

If that's the case, from looking at magazines to buying rhinestone hair clips, here are some ideas that might help you.

Ideas From Magazines - Of course, probably the first kind of magazines you'll look at are hairstyle magazines. Consider looking for models that have your same shaped face and your same coloring. For example, if you have a heart-shaped face, look for models that also have a heart-shaped face. If you are thinking about getting a super short hair cut, look specifically for boy cuts. In fact, you might find the exact short hairstyle on a male model. If you want to keep your long hair, look at the different ways long hair can be worn.

Don't just stop at hairstyle magazines. Check out a magazine that has entertainment news and pictures of famous celebrities in them. Check out mother and daughter styles. For example, do you want Goldie Hawn's casual look or the more sophisticated look of her daughter, Kate Hudson?

Look at pictures of older actors to get ideas, too. For instance, have you often heard that you look like Meg Ryan? If so, check out the styles she has worn over the years You might want to copy one of those hairdos.

Buy Rhinestone Hair Clips - No matter whether you end up with long hair or short hair, think of buying hair accessories to give your hairdo a different look. For example, rhinestone hair clips can really dress up any hairstyle. If you have long hair, think of putting it into a French twist and then adding a rhinestone hair clip in the base of the twist. Or, pull your hair back on both sides and secure it with a rhinestone hair clip to add more elegance to the hairstyle.

Short hair can get a new look with rhinestone hair clips, too. Picture a pixie cut with two or three rhinestone hair clips on one side. That turns a sporty look into a dressy look that is perfect for elegant events. If your hair is short except for the bangs, a rhinestone hair clip is the perfect way to pull the bangs back when you don't want them falling on your face.

Rhinestone hair clips come in many different sizes and styles. In addition, you can select colorful rhinestones or you can choose stones that look like diamonds. If you are interested in rhinestone hair clips, look into a beauty supplier like Sparkle n Spunk.


10 July 2019

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