3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your New Diamond Earrings


Whether you received them as a gift or treated yourself with a lavish purchase, your new diamond earrings may be the shining star in your jewelry collection. Because you want your new earrings to shine and sparkle for years, you may wonder if there is anything special you need to do to keep them that way. If so, use the following tips for taking care of your new diamond earrings.

1.  Put Them Only When the Rest of You Is Ready

Depending on your normal routine, you may put on your makeup and style your hair before getting dressed. At this time, you may also put on your earrings to finish off your appearance before pulling on your shirt or dress.

However, you should always wait to put your earrings on after the rest of your is ready for work, school, or a night on the town. You may even want to wait until right before you leave in case you have to fix or restyle your hair.

Even if your diamond earrings are posts, there is always a chance that they could snag on the material or get caught by your hairbrush. If you put them on before you are completely ready, you may forget that you have already put them on. If they become caught, the forceful pulling could pull them out of your ears, and the earrings could be damaged if they hit the sink or floor.

2.  Swish the Earrings in Mild, Soapy Water to Clean Them

Especially if you wear your earrings a lot, they will eventually start to look dull from dirt, dust, and skin oil. Eventually, you may start to think about cleaning them.

If your earrings have become visibly dirty, or if they have started to smell bad because of ear cheese, you can clean them by swishing them gently in a small bowl of mild detergent and water. Then, dip them in another bowl of clean water to rinse. Lay them on a soft surface, and allow them to air dry.

If swishing them in soapy water does not get them cleaned, however, do not be tempted to use a harsher cleaner or a brush to remove the residual grime. While the diamond itself is strong enough to resist scratching, the gold setting may be damaged. Also, if you try to forcibly remove dirt, you could pop the diamond out of its setting. Instead, consider having your earrings professionally cleaned to reduce the risk of damaging them.

3.  Store the Earrings in a Specially Prepared Place

If you have costume jewelry, you may be in the habit of simply throwing them anywhere in your jewelry box since you are not afraid of damaging it. However, with diamond earrings, you need to be more diligent as to how and where you store them. If not, you could damage or even lose one of them.

The ideal place to store your earrings is the box in which you received them. Since the box already has a velvety cover and it is a natural holding place for your earrings, you can simply get into the habit of putting your earrings in it after you take them off.

However, if you no longer have the box, you can pick a particular section of your jewelry box where you plan to always put them. Then, line the section with felt to provide a cushion on which the earrings will lay.

Using the tips above can help you keep your new diamond earrings intact and in sparkling condition for years to come. For more information about taking care of your diamond earrings, speak with a representative at a jewelry store.


7 May 2019

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