3 Tips For Finding Success As A Custom Jewelry Designer


Designing jewelry can be a difficult task, frustrating even the most experienced of jewelers. That said, it can also be an extremely rewarding experience, not only creative in its approach but gratifying in the end result. If you are just starting out as a jewelry designer and are looking to start working on custom pieces, read on for three tips you'll want to keep in mind as you make your visions of custom jewelry a reality. 

Customer Preferences

If you are creating custom pieces for others and not just yourself, the foremost aspect of your design should be the preferences of your client. Does the client want to prioritize affordability while still being conscious of environmental impact? Or do they want to be as fashionable as possible, emphasizing aesthetics above all else? Many wearers of custom jewelry will want neither one nor the other extreme, but a balance of several elements. Communicate clearly and extensively with a client about what they like and what they would rather avoid. Noting their answers and letting them guide the creative process will result in a far better product than one formed arbitrarily.

Ease of Use

If even if you don't have a specific client in mind when you begin the design process, you'll still want to maintain a broad sensibility that values practicality and ease of use. No matter how beautiful a necklace, it's unlikely to find a ready wearer if its design causes it to hang awkwardly. Likewise for earrings that may be too heavy to wear comfortably, or brooches and pins that tend to snag on delicate clothing. Experienced jewelry designers will tell you that a truly inspired design rarely requires that comfort or ease-of-use be compromised; in fact, they should be paramount in every step of the design process.

Unique Elements

Beyond customer preferences and ease of use, you'll want to focus on what makes your jewelry unique. Perhaps the materials you use are particularly uncommon, or your design process inherently separates itself from those of other designers. Whatever the case, make sure that the thing that truly makes your pieces different is both consistent in your collection, and also easily communicated to potential customers. While many people will appreciate a logical take on the unique elements of your jewelry, the emotional appeal will always reign supreme. Concentrate on what really wows the discerning wearer, and the rest will fall into place.


29 February 2020

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