Ensuring That Vintage Engagement Ring Is Worth Buying


Vintage rings themselves can be marvelous finds, letting you wear some really nice rings without totally destroying your budget. And it can be a lot of fun to find rings that are in styles that you used to wear decades ago. When you want to buy an engagement ring, vintage ring collections can be a good place to look, as many of them are available at lower prices than new rings. That varies, of course, depending on whether the vintage ring is also a pre-worn ring and how big the diamond is. In general, vintage diamond engagement rings are worth looking at, but if you want to buy one, you have to ensure what you buy is worth the price. Be careful when you shop, and you can end up with a gorgeous diamond ring for your engagement.

What Does the Interior Side of the Band Look Like?

Look at the side of the band that will rest against the skin. If this is a ring that is vintage in terms of age but that was never bought and worn, the inside should be smooth with small hallmarks denoting material quality and karat level. For pre-worn rings, however, look for signs of wear and tarnish. If you're buying a silver ring, you want that ring to actually be silver and not just plated; looking at the interior will show you if the ring you think you're looking at is what the seller says it is. If there are engravings, how worn are the engravings? Is the message visible and readable? You want that ring to be in excellent condition, and looking at the interior side of the band will give you a lot of information.

Has the Diamond Been Appraised or Certified?

Gemstones are funny things because some stones look a lot like others. If you want a real diamond and not moissanite or cubic zirconia, you need to buy from a trusted seller, and you also want some objective assurance. Ask if the stone was ever appraised officially; if so, there should be some written documentation to prove it. Even better, try to find a ring where the stone was graded by an organization like the Gemological Institute of America. That will give you a ton of information about the classification of the diamond, too, such as the exact color and clarity.

How Clean Is the Ring?

Finally, look at the ring as a whole, but also look carefully around the diamond and any other stones. You want that ring to be clean. Rings that are worn often pick up dirt and dead skin cells around the stones (which sounds bad, but it happens to every ring) that can be cleaned away. Make sure the stones look clear and bright, and if the settings have the bottom of the stone exposed, you want to see through the stone. The stone won't be transparent, but if you look down at the top of the stone and see that half of it looks blurry from above, check the underside. You want a clean ring.

Look for a trusted seller whose ring descriptions are accurate. Vintage diamond engagement rings are really the unsung hero of ring buying. There are plenty out there that are unique and that will make your engagement and proposal really special.


25 July 2022

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