Keeping It Classy: 3 Fool-Proof Tips For Choosing Trendy Fashion Jewelry For A Formal Night Out


If you have a formal event coming up, prepare by picking out your outfit ahead of time, along with the accompanying accessories and jewelry pieces you're going to wear. Most women spend a significant amount of time trying to match their jewelry with their outfit, and surprisingly, more people put an emphasis on wearing the right jewelry than you'd think. In fact, statistics show just how much money Americans are investing in jewelry. In 2013, Americans spent approximately $30.31 billion on jewelry alone. If you have a box full of jewelry, but you're at a loss as to which jewelry piece will look the most classy for a formal night out, take a look at these 3 fool-proof tips.

Opt for a More Minimalistic Approach

You don't want to over dazzle your outfit with bling. If you're wearing a fancy outfit with a busy print, you'll want to keep the amount of trendy fashion jewelry you wear as minimal as possible. Wear just one or two pieces — a pair of earrings with a simple necklace or a bracelet — to prevent the jewelry pieces from taking too much attention away from the outfit. You should choose a jewelry piece that will draw attention to a specific part of your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a dress with a plunging neckline, a necklace may not be a good choice, as it may draw attention away from your neckline and your collarbone. Instead, you may want to opt for a pair of earrings paired with a matching bracelet instead. 

Go for Simple Designs when in Doubt

Choosing simple designs is generally the best route to take because the jewelry pieces will not overpower the outfit. Complex and elaborate designs will only end up clashing with your outfit, and will make it appear a lot less elegant and formal.

There are many different types of trendy fashion jewelry pieces. While some feature elaborate designs and are meant to be the centrepiece of an outfit, others are much more subtle, and are designed to add a sense of elegance to the outfit without overpowering it. Basically, if you want to keep your outfit as classy as possible, you don't want anything that goes overboard. Simple chains or a simple design, like a pearl necklace, will generally be all that you need. 

Choose One Gemstone That Complements the Color of Your Outfit

On the same note as keeping the jewelry designs as simple as possible, you want to choose jewelry pieces that highlight and feature the same gemstone in order to avoid adding too many colors that may bombard your outfit. Remember that your outfit should be the main focus of the evening, and the jewelry pieces are merely accessories that play a supporting role in enhancing the outfit. Because of this reason, you don't want to choose jewelry pieces that feature different types of gemstones. There is nothing more distracting than ruby earrings paired with an amber pendant. Choose one or the other, and never both at the same time. 

Choose a gemstone that will complement the color of your outfit. Don't forget that the cut of the stone will also affect its finish and texture. For example, polished ruby looks great with white, black, and green although you can wear it with just about anything as long as you like how the colors match one another.


Choosing the right jewelry pieces can make a huge difference on how your outfit looks. By following the three tips listed above, you'll be able to keep your outfit looking as classy and elegant as possible for your formal night out. You'll look absolutely divine, so expect to get a lot of compliments. 


28 December 2015

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