Getting The Best Jewelry Deals From Pawnshops: 3 Tips To Successfully Negotiating A Good Deal


Most people walk past pawn shops unaware of the goldmine of treasures that have been left forgotten within. If you love jewelry and are always on the lookout for a good deal or bargain, you'd be surprised at what you can find hidden away in the display boxes of pawn shops. Pawn shop jewelry prices are typically half of what you'd pay retail, and the best part is that you can negotiate an even better deal if you know how. If this is your first time at the rodeo, here are 3 tips that you should consider trying.

Don't Let Your Clothing and Accessories Give You Away

When negotiating a deal, pawn shop owners and employees will try to gauge the price range that you're able to afford. If you're looking to get a good deal, don't give anything about your income level away. Make sure to leave all of your brand name clothing and expensive jewelry at home because they're a telltale sign that you're able to afford a heftier price tag. Instead, wear something plain and simple like a plain, white shirt and a pair of used jeans. 

In fact, you might even want to consider parking a street away and walking to the pawn shop. If you drive up to the parking lot in a brand new sports car, you're definitely less likely to get a good deal. 

Use Silence to Your Advantage

Silence is power during a negotiation. It is a common tactic used to determine just how confident the other party may be. Most pawn shop employees and owners will try to use silence to their advantage during the negotiation. For example, they might offer you a certain price and then remain silent while you contemplate whether or not you are interested in the product or not.

Do not be afraid of silence, and use it in the negotiation. if necessary to your advantage. You can do so by making an offer and staying silent while the pawn shop employees or owners contemplate whether this is an offer they can take. Keep in mind that most employees are allowed to negotiate a certain amount off of every item in the store; however, you may have to speak with the owner if you are looking for a larger discount. Be confident in your offer and do not waver. It's important to be aware of not only your mannerisms and reactions during the silence period, but also that of the owner or employee. 

Know What the Prices Are

The final key to successfully negotiating a deal is to know the value of the jewelry pieces you are interested in. Make sure you do some research and shop around to get a good idea as to how much the piece is worth to begin with. Consider the value of the precious metals and gemstones of the piece. This is the base value. Next, you will want to consider how much more you are willing to pay for the style, design and, perhaps, the history of the piece. If you're unsure of what a reasonable price may be, take a look at the type of jewelry pieces that are offered at different pawn shops, and the price tags that are attached to each piece. 


Learning how to negotiate successfully can be difficult; however, it is definitely important for those who are looking to get a good deal at pawn shops. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, and to use different negotiation tactics to see what you are most comfortable with, and what works for you.  


28 December 2015

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