Presentation Is Key To Sales: Jewelery Display Advice For The Novice Online Seller


It is the perfect season to be turning your amazing gift for making jewelery into a money-making sideline that can bring you in extra cash all through next year. Everyone is on the hunt right now for the perfect Christmas gift, and well-priced jewelery tops the list as both stocking stuffers and main gifts for loved ones. It is estimated that people have an attention span of only eight seconds! If you want to capture that attention and turn it into sales, the presentation of your jewelery needs to pack a punch!

Keep The Display Plain And Simple

There are a number of online websites where you can choose to sell your jewelry, but you are not going to be the only seller, so competition will likely be fierce. The way your jewelry is displayed to the buyers will make the biggest difference between getting plenty of sales, or the buyer clicking onto the next virtual store. When it comes to photographing your jewelry, consider these points when you want to display your goods well.

  • Get close up. Nobody wants to see what is going on in the background of your home, they want to see the detail in the jewelry. Get really close to the jewelry when you are taking your photos and make it the focus of the frame.
  • Simple backgrounds. While your paisley tablecloth may make a fantastic backdrop to your dining dishes, it detracts from the beauty of your jewelry. Either choose a plain background, such as a black or white cloth, or take a photo of the item modeled against human skin. Whichever color background you chose, it must be one color and complementary to the colors of the jewelry you are photographing.
  • Experiment. Thanks to the world of digital photography, it is not like the old days where every snap you take is another picture gone in your roll of film. There is no harm done when you take lots of photos of your pieces while experimenting with different backgrounds and angles. Delete the ones you don't like, and post the ones you love.

By posting three or four pictures of each piece, you can truly convey the beauty you have created. Once you have figured out how you want to display your jewelry in the photographs, it pays to think about lighting too.

Best Lighting For Jewelry Pieces

When taking photos of jewelry inside the home, if you choose a spot that is too dark the flash of your camera is going to click on for every single photo. The problem with this is that too much light spilling from the flash can wash out the colors of your jewelry. Additionally, it can change the colors of both stones and metal used in your designs, and since buyers are purchasing your items based on what they see in the photos, you could be receiving a lot of negative feedback in the future.

If at all possible, use natural, bright lighting to brighten up the area where you are taking photos. One way to do this is to position your display cloth, or your model, close to a window. Allow the natural sunlight to shine through and light up the area where your jewelry sits. Don't put the jewelry in direct sunlight though, as this will also wash out the colors you are trying to capture.

Another option you could look to purchase as an investment in your new business is a light tent. This item is made of white polyester and folds down flat when you are not using it. The sides of the tent are translucent, and when you place a light source on each side (such as a lamp), it diffuses the light so almost all of the shadows are eliminated. This creates a sharp, clear, accurate photo of the jewelry piece you want to display. A light tent can be purchased from a camera store, or you can purchase it from an online camera accessory retailer.

You have nothing to lose but a little time when it comes to starting up your online jewelry business. Getting your pieces photographed and listed now could lead to you rubbing your hands together with profitable glee after the Christmas season is done. 

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11 December 2015

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